posted Dec 12, 2010, 9:48 PM by Kat Brenneman

The Folsom U10 girls team won Association Cup today against a tough Elk Grove team.

The Phenoms scoring started by a break away from Megan Nelson! The second goal of the

game came after our FORWARD got on our goal post to defend a free kick and headed the ball away

to save the phenoms from being scored on...she then followed the ball and took control dribbling the entire

length of the field to SCORE a goal!!! Way to go Caroline Guthrie!!! Caroline decided that wasn't enough,

after a great ball played past the Elk Grove defense, Caroline beat the opposition in a foot race and

scored another beautiful game.The Phenoms came alive in the second half to win the Association Cup Championship
game in Ripon, CA against the Elk Grove Blast I'm so proud of the Phenom girls. They have worked so hard and deserved
this so much. I have loved training each of them. Congrats to the coaches Dale Colombo, Dave Nelson and Grace Guthrie!!!
And a big shout out to all those Phenom parents!!




PS. This season, the Phenoms entered five Tournaments and won ALL FIVE!!!