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Sport Foods

BARS: To be eaten 2 hours before a workout or within 15-60 minutes after a workout. Provides good concentration of carbohydrates, protein, fat and also is fortified with vitamins and minerals. Unless you are eating a Luna Bar, or a kids Clif Bar - a half of a bar is usual enough unless you are doing two sports (or are just really hungry!)

Powerbars, Clif bars

Luna bars, Odwalla bars

You can find these at Traders Joes, REI, Costco, Walmart, and Winco for about less than $1 each.

GELS & SPORT "CANDIES": To be eaten just before competing: 10-15 minutes. These are less bulky and easier to digest than an energy bar. They are typically made of mostly complex carbohydrates to increase and maintain energy levels during competition.

GU, Powergels, Power Blasts, Clif Blocks, Sharkies, and Luna Chews

These can be found at running and cycling stores, and at REI and Sportsmens Warehouse for about $1 - $2 each.

SPORTS DRINKS: To hydrate and rehydrate the body, to provide carbohydrates for energy before working out, and to aide in the recovery of muscles after working out.

Gatorade, GU, Powerbar, and Luna Mix

You can buy powder mixture in bulk at running and cycling stores, Walmart, Winco, and at REI.